Today I awoke to the sun pouring in through our verticle blinds onto the floor and to our bed as Adler came in our room and said “Can I sleep with you?”.  I said yes and Aaron (daddy) and I made room in the middle for him. Adler said ” good, I brought 4 guys (stuffed animals)”. He climed in and we all repositioned and got comfortable again and drifted back to sleep.   Ahhhhhh sleep, something as a mother we love, covet and adore. Sleep is somethong most of us look at as a rarity in the baby stages and even into the toddler life. But with Adler and his journey of illness and PAIN, its a delicacy of sorts to me. When his pain was at its worst he required meds every three hours round the clock and sleep was not an option.   So now that his pain is managed better I revel in a full nights sleep and in cuddles in the early morning where he places his head on my pillow and we share and I hug him back to sleep. And with both of us and daddy dealing with so much I know dreams are a lovely escape for me so nightly I say to him “have happy dreams” as if to plant the seed of jolliness that may come in his slumber. Now in mine I hope for Tom Hiddleston reading to me as I receive a full body massage by Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr!!!!  All hale the hot movie men that may appear in my dreams!!  And God bless my husband for being cool with that!!!!  So today may our good sleep over flow into glorious day dreams and fantasy indulged with bubbles blown outside in the sun on a breezy May day!!!!


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