Yesterday I had to let something go.  I had been bogged down for nearly 2 weeks with utter disgust and anger towards someone I don’t even know.  This young woman from Michigan stole Adler’s pictures and put them on her Instagram and Twitter page.  She posed him as her own, as her cousin, as friend.  It’s all unknown exactly who she is or is trying to be with all of this.  She posted several pictures of him and other boys saying it was someone named Bryce and that he is suffering from CML cancer.  She couldn’t even pick one that is related to children.  I researched that type and it’s a cancer that is usually found in older adults at late stages and is only “curable” with targeted chemo and a stem cell transplant. She had him at the hospital on Sunday’s receiving 24 hour chemo treatments and oral chemo in the hospital and moving his chemo up because he was doing so good.  NONE OF THAT IS TRUE. She used my son to gain followers and attention from celebrities and her favorite band Big Time Rush and her favorite people Carlos Pena and Sam Hunt.  There were multiple accounts set up and many layers of crazy and disturbing things about ALL of this.

I contacted the FBI, my lawyer and tried to report the accounts after I called her out on her own pages and in type screamed that is MY SON, TAKE  HIS PICTURES DOWN NOW.  I let anger in again.  I have kept it at bay for sometime now. Cancer causes you to become a different person in so many ways and one way is emotionally.  Emotions run so deep when this happens.  I was hurt.  I was violated.  I was pissed.  I was scared.  I felt guilty because I put Adler out there for the world to see and share in his story.  I felt mean.  I wanted to hurt her back.  She has no REAL clue of what childhood cancer is all about.  She is a fake and a fraud.  Upon a friend of mine stepping up to help and do some serious digging and myself becoming obsessed with it we found it all to be a hoax.  There is no Bryce with cancer and we aren’t even sure who the other children are.  I spent hours a day watching and learning and taking screenshots of everything I could find.  We got her name and address and my lawyer sent her a letter.  Which was intercepted by said girl.  And I say girl because we don’t think she is much more than 18, if that.  And the others that have played along are even younger. It is very disturbing to say the least. Emails were sent back to my lawyer and that is when we realized we had been played and her bullshit promise of taking down the accounts was untrue.  She posed as her mother in the emails and we figured that out pretty quickly.  We were going nowhere with this.

The pictures of Adler did come down from what I can see because I am blocked from all of her sites and accounts.

I just don’t understand this. I cannot wrap my head around why someone would want to fake this for attention?  Cancer is awful.  It’s a killer.  It’s living in my son right now and I don’t know when or if it will grow again and if it does what will that do to him and to our family.  We just got him “back”.  He is stable and doing better and then this happens.  I am devastated yet again.

Anger.  Sheer rage surged in my veins.  I wanted to understand why so badly. But with someone like this it’s just a sickness I believe.  I called my lawyer and said I had to let it go.  I was obsessed over it and it was taking up too much of my time and energy and it was effecting me in an unhealthy way.  I am trying to heal right now from the utter hell that we have gone though over the past two years and this chick just flipped the switch.  I was calm and collected and rational and then as soon as I saw his little face being used for someone’s gain, I lost it.  I came unglued.  My mind was in a race against my wounded heart to “save” him from whatever she was doing.  I felt like I had been broken and entered.  And I had.  By a stranger looking for more followers on her pages.  By some girl living in some fantasy world online that has NO CLUE about what reality is all about.  I know what it’s like to be told “your son has brain cancer”.  Those words echo in my heart and mind daily.  I look at him and know for a fucking fact that there is not 1 but 3 killers living inside his body.  He walks around with them in there.  One is CANCER.  It’s not fake, it’s not made up for anything, it’s real and it is our life.  Why in God’s name would someone want that life?  And there you have it….. God’s name……I believe in evil and it’s doings and I know that this is evil.  There is a special place in hell for people that harm or mess with children.  But I wanted instant satisfaction on this one.  ITS MY SON!!

The pictures have been taken down but not the pages.  She’s still active on the internet and so are her friends just under different names and aliases and who knows how many other fake accounts she has.  And who knows about the other children used in this sick and twisted ordeal.  But, the weight of it all became too much for me to bear.  It began to hurt physically.  I was overcome by it and I had to let it go.  I did what I could and I just hope somewhere somehow she can be stopped.  IT’S NOT OK.  I am not OK with it.  I mean who does this??

I sat with my best friend holding her hand and pouring her glasses of wine to ease her tortured mind and soul as her father dies of cancer and this girl is FAKING it.  It makes me so unbelievably angry.  It’s a lid I have tried to keep on tight during this journey.  It’s like a beach ball under the water.  You can’t just simply hold it under, it will pop up.  And this made it pop up.  Fire scorching my spirit type of anger.

I spent hours looking through tweets and pages and putting pieces together and figuring it all out just so I could find the originals of Adler and have proof, like I needed it, that these were him.  She photo shopped a different face on one of his pictures and it made me sick.  And looking through all the pictures I have of our journey for the last 2 years made my head hurt and my soul hurt too. I remembered ALL of it.  I lived it all over in a matter of clicks from picture to picture to picture.  I was sobbing by the time I finally Sherlocked the picture and found it.  It is the one you see here.  It saddened me so to see all the pain, suffering and illness he has endured.  The months of chemo.  The pictures upon pictures of him in pain.  Agonizing pain.  There were even a couple videos that I had made to document his pain as no one believed me for some time that he was in such pain.  I wept.  I sat here at my computer and wept.  I wept for the past, the present and the unknown future.  And that girl will never understand that.  How could she?  She doesn’t have a child with cancer.  And that is why it made me so angry.  So angry.  And after I found the picture I was looking for, I stopped.  I knew that I just had to let it go.  I couldn’t take anymore.

I want this to be known though.  She is still active and still portraying a fake account, probably many.  Some are even fake cancer support pages on Instagram.  It has happened to many cancer mom’s who have used social media as an outlet for their child’s story.  Some have had gofundme accounts faked or youcaring sites made up for money.  Some have said that their child’s pictures were stolen too.  Its not uncommon.  Just like childhood cancer is not rare nor is this sick stuff that’s happening to our children’s pictures.  Steps can be taken to try to protect them but those that want them, will take them and find a way to use them.  I shake my head as I type because this came into our lives and it is disgusting.  Our reality is real.  Hers isn’t.  I would say I feel sorry for her and hope she gets help for her issues because she is obviously unstable but I can’t quite do that yet.  I am still too angry.  My priest said it wouldn’t happen overnight and he’s right.  I woke up exhausted and with a stomach ache as I try to purge this all from my body, mind and spirit.

I hope someone can do more than I could and make sure she learns a lesson or something.  It’s evil at it’s finest and it’s maddening to no end that this happens all the time.  Is nothing sacred anymore?  Is nothing real anymore?  I know for certain that Adler is love and life and light and hope all bundled into a joyful little boy with curls after chemo and a smile of new teeth as he loses them and green sparkling eyes behind his designer glasses.  HE is real.  HE is mine.  NO ONE ELSES.

I hugged him so close an so tight the other night because I have been worried for safety and ours through this and I hate that.  But I held him and said “I made you and I love how no matter how big you get you still fit right against me”.  I kissed him and stroked his hair and felt the love take over me.  I closed my eyes and reveled in him.  His touch, his smell his being.  Another thing she will never understand.  I held him when he was near death and I hold him now full of life no matter the future.  And that is OUR reality.  Not someone else’s.

I hope to move on from this and tread carefully and more aware of the world around me and all its seriously messed up people.  Lesson learned and felt and remembered and may it all be done.  My anger is subsiding slowly and memories fading back to pictures on a screen instead of burned truths in my psyche that burrow like the mole around my thoughts.  I hope it never happens again because I am not sure the monster could be contained the way I have confined it this time.  God be with her because the devil already is.


7 thoughts on “Reality

  1. It’s unbelievable the amount of time this mentally ill kid put into this. So sickening. Just wait until their parents and families discover this.

    I imagine it would be hard to keep this kind of crazy under wraps.

    I’d encourage you to pursue whatever kind of lawsuit or legal action you can. I’d be willing to help with expenses. This person/group needs to realize how much damage they’ve caused…and be made to pay for it.



  2. I cannot begin to feel anything close to all this mess. As if you don’t have enough. I would encourage you to try and maybe pray to just “let it go”. This evil criminal element will have her day…..I am very sure! Sometimes I Just have to believe God puts obstacles in our way for a reason. You’ve been down the worst obstacle course but still have one thing to be thankful for……your Adler. Now that’s the real blessing! So thankful you have shared your journey and continued inspirations.
    F…k cancer from Texas.


  3. I applaud you and the job you and Aaron are doing raising that sweet young man. Like I told you before, you do you, and let it go. When you make a decision stick to it and try to heal from this. It will take time, but with letting it go you are able to put that energy into Adler and everyday life. I love you and keep your head up momma. ❤️❤️❤️


  4. I totally understand the rage you felt, and feel. God has a way of dealing with monsters like her. Like you say, she gets no more of your energy. You are the best parents Adler could ever have had and you will be blessed. Stand proud and let the devil bring her down!


  5. It’s appalling what that girl and her friends have done to you, your son, and the other mothers and children whose pictures they’ve stolen. It’s horrible and should be stopped. I can understand why you chose to let it go, but I don’t think you should. You don’t need to get obsessed with it again, but don’t give up. If you found the girls name and address, you could probably find out who her parents are and how to contact them in a way she can’t intercept. And maybe you could do the same with her friends. Also if you still have all the screenshots you took of her account, you could send them to cancer support groups and organizations you know are legit so maybe you can find the other parents who children’s pictures have been stolen by the girl who stole your sons pictures. You have evidence she’s fake and so would the other parents, you’d have a whole team against her with a lot more evidence, and one of the other parents might have better resources to do something about the whole situation. If anything, sending the screenshots to cancer organizations and support groups could be a warning to parents of children with cancer that they should be careful when sharing their story online and maybe future situations like yours could be prevented.


  6. I found out about this today through a tweet from James Maslow’s (BTR member) sister.

    As one of the major accounts in the Big Time Rush family i’m very shocked to hear what happend. The girl has searched contact with us many times to follow and chat with her cousin “Bryce”
    I had no idea it was a fake account.

    We got a lot of trouble with people who fake identity online i’m working since 2014 on tracking down one myself. And i’m surprised i didn’t notice this.

    In name of all Rusher family members. (Big Time Rush fans)
    We’re very sorry this had to happen.
    We’re very disturbed finding out about this. It’s unbelievable what people do for attention. This girl is truly mental and i wish twitter would check things better. If we find out anything more we’ll make sure to let you know.

    Bless Andler ❤ sending him much love.

    We hope that this girl and her friends will be punished.


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