It’s a sunny May Saturday late morning break in cleaning the house for me. I have the iPod blaring a fantastic 90’s playlist I made (been making and exchinging playlists with a friend which has been a blast!) while daddy and Adler play downstairs. I hear laughter and music mixed together through out the house. Its a beautiful sound indeed. We have been making some much needed updates to the house lately. New furniture, new carpet and a new dinning room table and chairs. (With a little help from my parents too). Since Adler got sick and even before diagnosis, we have been stuck in what I call a PAIN prison for so long. So when I jumped up and down for new furniture it was for more than just excitement, it was momentum…….forward motion. Life goes on even with disease. And feeling comfort is essential in healing. Adler needs to be in a clean, healthy and safe environment. And fun too!!  So yea, he has a TON of toys and yea, our couch sucked that he sits on with his heating pad daily so we got a new one. And our carpet was old, stained and dirty, so we got new carpet. Soft, luscious carpet that you can sit and lay on to comfortably color a picture or play cars or with action figures. Yep, updates are good. And I love when Pier 1 has art on clearance that I like and frames for our family pictures in our Fuck Cancer shirts to go with my cross stitch that says Fuck Cancer on our fireplace mantle that I got from another very cool cancer mom!!!! Money isn’t an object of desire anymore but something necessary to pay medical bills, and secure a future medically for our son. And to use to keep our lifestyle comfotable for all of us to live in. Its the melody of our little family. I can get lost in a book, movie, music and all the plastic fantastic day dreams in my head and detours with make believe but life nor reality gave us no choice in this so I am doing my best to keep my sanity and our home calm and comfortable! Healthy decisions and lifestyle changes some by choice others forced by nature. Just like the storm we face is a force of nature.  And man if mother nature isn’t a bitch sometimes??!!  Just sayin’!!


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